Running Training Vienna

Get the best health and vitality of your life. Boost your immune system


Get the best health and vitality of your life Boost your immune system



For people who do not wish to indulge in some heavy duty workouts but still wish to exercise their whole body, running is recommended. Our in-house experts will help you achieve the perfect running form and speed so that you get the maximum health benefits from your efforts.

Prevent Disease

Running helps to reduce the chances of stroke and is recommended for people with high blood pressure or early stages of diabetes. It maintains the elasticity of the arteries of the heart, thereby cutting down the risks of a heart attack. In women, running has been found to reduce the onset of breast cancer.

Lower Stress

Once you work for too long without taking a break, psychological stress can start to affect your mental state. A good way to deal with the issue is to run a few minutes every day. It calms down the mind and even relieves you of the headaches.

Lose Weight

Running daily for about 20 minutes will help to tone the body and keep the excess flab in check. It burns off calories and is a good way to reduce weight. In fact, the amount of calories burned per minute by running is only second to cross-country skiing.

Fight Depression

Running also helps in combating depression. When you run, your brain will start secreting hormones that will improve your mood. Your heart will start beating faster and you will feel an adrenaline rush. Just a few minutes of running is good enough to pull you out from depression for a short period of time.

Boost Confidence

If you are low on confidence, running can easily smash those self-esteem issues. By setting running goals and achieving the targets, you will build up your confidence. Your introvert nature will subside and you will become a more proactive person.