Get the best health and vitality of your life. Boost your immune system

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Get the best health and vitality of your life Boost your immune system



Pilates is a systematic whole body training to strengthen the muscles, primarily of pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles. Pilates training can take place on the mat and on specially designed equipment. It was invented by the German Joseph Hubert Pilates (1883 – 1967).
The Pilates method is a holistic body training, in which mainly the deep-lying, small and usually weaker muscle groups are addressed, which are supposed to ensure a correct and healthy posture. The training includes strength exercises, stretching and conscious breathing. It is also conditionally suitable for rehabilitation after accidents It has been very successful throughout the world, with the US alone home to an estimated 11 million regular practitioners.

Train Your Whole Body

A huge advantage of pilates workout is that it is a whole body workout program. As such, you will never end up with a body where the upper part is well-developed and the lower part is under-developed or vice versa. Instead, pilates workout will promote balanced muscle development.

No Bulk, Only Strength

For those who do not wish to build up bulky muscles, pilates is a good choice. The workout helps you to develop lean muscles that will enable you to maintain a well-toned body. This is done by using a muscle contraction method called an eccentric contraction.

Improve Core Strength

In the human body, the back, pelvic floor, and abdomen are known as the core muscles. These muscles need to be at their best in order to move efficiently and hold good posture. Pilates help you achieve just that. As a bonus, pilates also helps to build the much coveted flat abs.

Boost Energy

A main drawback of old age is decreasing energy. And with decreasing energy, life starts to become dull and unexciting. Pilates will ensure proper blood circulation and breath, thereby boosting your energy levels. Your spine is also stimulated so that you remain active all day long.


No matter your age or fitness level, pilates can easily be adapted according to your needs. Whether it be developing core strength, good posture, proper alignment, or anything else, pilates have you covered. Just visit an experienced trainer and put forward your expectations. They will see to it that the pilates workout is designed specifically according to your tastes.