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Get the best health and vitality of your life. Boost your immune system


Get the best health and vitality of your life Boost your immune system



Is a form of specific training and the external application of remedies, which is primarily intended to restore, improve or maintain the ability of the human body to move and function.
Physiotherapy treats limitations of the body’s ability to move and function and is a medically prescribed remedy. It is a useful addition and sometimes an alternative to surgery or medication. In addition to physiotherapy exercises, physiotherapy also includes physical measures, massages and manual lymphatic drainages.
Physiotherapy can be performed in a hospital or rehabilitation center, in a physiotherapy office or as a mobile physiotherapy. Then the physiotherapist comes to the patient. This has the advantage that the patient can practice certain movements in their usual environment. In addition, mobile physiotherapy makes sense for patients who have their illness or physical limitations make it difficult or impossible to visit an office or have less time to go to the therapist.
Most people often choose surgery over physiotherapy when faced with chronic pain or restricted mobility. However, once they find out that surgery alone won’t be useful, they start exploring the immense potential of physiotherapy to restore their mobility and gain relief from bodily pain. In addition to these, physiotherapy also provides the following additional benefits.

Prevent Injuries

An important part of physiotherapy is to prevent any more injuries to the body. The physiotherapist will check your body for any weakness and identify areas that might be vulnerable. They will then suggest an exercise regimen aimed at resolving such vulnerabilities, thus avoiding the development of any new painful feeling.

Before operation

Specialists recommend 1 week physiotherapy before surgery at best 3 weeks rehabilitation afterwards. A targeted strength training before surgery is essential and very important, because after the operation you will lose mobility quickly as well as muscle mass.
When the physiotherapy service is over, it’s not all new to you. That means you start at a much higher level.

After an operation or injury

The number of therapy units depends on the degree of injury and YOUR personal use in physiotherapy.
After about 5-6 therapy units we can estimate how long the physiotherapy will last.

Recover From Stroke

If you are someone who has just undergone a stroke, physiotherapy is an ideal way to manage your condition. By helping to strengthen the various parts of the body, physiotherapy can reduce the burden of daily activities, thereby cutting down the risk of a repeat stroke.

Sports physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is primarily aimed at the care and training of athletes and the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. Warming up, stretching and the correct performance of physiotherapy or physiotherapy exercises are important components.

Physiotherapy helps with Scoliosis

With the help of physiotherapy the deformation of the spine in scoliosis can be stopped by strengthening and stretching the muscles and a conscious upright posture is to be promoted.

Regain Balance

After a stroke, many people find it difficult to maintain their balance while walking. They tend to wobble and bit and often stop trying to walk. Physiotherapy can help to regain a sense of balance so that you can walk properly without fear of falling.

Fight Diabetes

Physiotherapy is also used in patients who suffer from diabetes. It can help manage the blood sugar levels to a good extent. A right mix of aerobic and weight strengthening exercises will also help in dealing with various vascular conditions.

Combat Aging Issues

Many people develop conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis when they get old. The pain resulting from such conditions can be very uncomfortable. You may also have to undergo a hip or a joint replacement. Physiotherapy helps you deal with such issues. Not only will it soothe any pains but will also give you the strength to confidently live your life.